Mercurity Fintech Holding CEO, Victor Qiu,  Participates in TCFA 2023 Event to Discuss the AI Revolution in Finance

The Chinese Finance Association (TCFA) hosted its annual conference on November 12th, 2023, at Fordham University in New York City,and the conference was centered around the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the finance industry and brought together business experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. Discussions spanned AI’s revolutionary role, global investment trends, economic outlook, emerging technological trends, and the growing significance of the silver economy. It was also live-streamed in Beijing so the global financial community could participate in the discussions.

Mercurity CEO Mr. Shi “Victor” Qiu participated in an expert panel titled “New Economy in the AI Era.” As a panelist, Mr. Qiu shared insightful perspectives on how finance is evolving in the age of AI, arguing that AI and related technologies have drastically redefined what was once considered traditional finance. He emphasized the parallel between cryptocurrency mining and AI, noting their shared focus on computational services. Mr. Qiu predicted that data would emerge as a critical resource in the global markets, stating, “Those who can provide computing and data storage services most quickly, cheaply, and efficiently will lead the future market.”

With Mercurity making waves in the financial world, awaiting FINRA approval for its recently acquired broker dealer, Mr. Qiu was also sure to highlight the Company’s strategic positioning for the future of finance, stating, “It is difficult to even call it ‘traditional’ finance anymore since AI and related technologies have already redefined the entire industry.”

As Mercurity Fintech Holding continues to drive innovation in the finance sector, it invites all interested parties to stay updated on its progress by following its company website. All support fuels its path towards a more innovative financial future.